Chopped lamb simmered with peas, carrots and onions topped and baked with fresh whipped potato, garnished with melted cheese.

Chopped beef, onions and bacon, simmered with carrots, parsnips and mushrooms.

Chopped beef simmered in garlic and onions.

Chopped beef, simmered with chopped bacon rashers, onion and tasty cheese baked and garnished with parmesan cheese.

Steak & Kidney (Heatherbrae Only)
Diced steak simmered with chopped kidney and onion.

Pepper Steak
Diced steak and onions simmered in a pepper gravy with green peppercorns and cracked black pepper.

Chicken & Vegetable
Chopped chicken, delicately flavoured, simmered with carrots, potatoes and capsicum.

Chicken Curry (Sutton Forest Only)
Chopped chicken simmered with potatoes, carrots, capsicums and leeks in a mild curry sauce.

Steak Mince
Beef steak is minced from quality lean cuts to provide the basis of the mince steak pie, which contains only beef (with no other meats or fillings) and Heatherbrae’s Pies special seasoning and gravy.

Steak Mince & Mushroom
Fresh mushrooms stewed in seasoned beef mince and gravy.

Curried Steak Mince & Vegetable (Heatherbrae Only)
Coarse minced beef simmered with carrots, parsnips, onions and sultanas, flavoured with Heatherbrae’s Pies pie seasoning and a special sweet madras curry powder.


Red Lentil Curry – Vegan (Sutton Forest Only)
Red lentils, potatoes, carrots, onions and peas simmered in an Indian curry sauce.

Vegetable Pastie (Heatherbrae Only)
Fresh carrots, parsnip, potato, onion and spinach finely diced with a little seasoning to taste.

Bacon Quiche
Bacon, tomato and cheese baked in a lightly seasoned filling made with egg and fresh dairy cream.

Garden Quiche
Tomato, red and green capsicum, leeks, cheese, and a touch of spinach baked in a lightly seasoned filling made with egg and fresh dairy cream.

Cheese & Spinach Roll
Chopped spinach mixed with delicious cheese sauce of Ricotta, Tasty, Parmesan and pasta, piped in Heatherbrae’s Pies puff pastry, and baked with parmesan cheese topping. Also available in party size.

Sausage Rolls
Heatherbrae’s Pies most popular choice! A blend of finely minced lean beef and sausage mince, mixed with our tasty sausage roll base. Very popular in party size.

Beef Snacko
The “in-between” pie – ideal for keeping in the freezer for “in-between” snacks. Smaller than the regular pie, bigger than a party pie, made with Heatherbrae’s Pies beef steak pie filling.

Ned Kelly
(Served during breakfast time only). Steak mince baked with egg, bacon and cheese with a sprinkle of chives and coarse pepper.

Party Pies
Ideal for parties, sporting or business functions. Made with Heatherbrae’s Pies beef steak pie filling.


Delicious sponge cake coated in cocoa powder and icing sugar, rolled in shredded coconut and piped with
fresh whipped cream.

Anzac Biscuits
A mixture of rolled oats, caster sugar, golden syrup and coconut.

Custard Tarts
Delicious custard filling inside a short pastry tart casing and dusted with nutmeg.

Caramel Tarts
Real caramel filling inside a short pastry tart casing.

Vanilla Slice
Cream, milk, custard mixture with vanilla in between two slices of puff pastry and dusted with icing sugar.

Coconut Tarts
Decadent coconut mixed with sugar, eggs and milk inside a short pastry casing, with a dob of raspberry jam

Chocolate Muffin
Muffin flour mix, egg and water combination with chocolate paste and chocolate drops.


Blueberry Muffin
Muffin flour mix, egg and water combination with blueberries.

Orange and Poppy Seed Muffin
Muffin flour mix, egg and water combination with orange paste and poppy seeds. (Sometimes replaced with an alternative muffin).

Our delicious donuts are coated with cinnamon or topped with chocolate or strawberry icing.

Apple Pie
Sweetened fresh apple and cinnamon is cased in a shortbread pastry pie.

Blueberry and Apple Pie
Blueberry filling mixed with apples inside a short bread pastry pie.

Cherry and Apple Pie
Cherry filling mixed with apples inside a short bread pastry pie.

Banana Bread
Heatherbrae’s Pies unique banana bread recipe is baked to perfection. Banana bread is available as a cold slice or at breakfast (6.00am – 10.30 am) toasted and served with Cinnamon Butter.



A perfect way to feed a family of four. Simply add a salad or vegetables. Salads and vegetables (Mushy Peas and Mashed Potato) are available at Heatherbrae’s Pies.

Generally all lunch size pie varieties are available in family size.

Heating Instructions:-
For best results heat thawed family pies in oven at  200 degrees celcius for 15-18 minutes.
For Shepherd’s Pie give an extra 5 minutes.


Take the trouble out of your next party with our Party Fare packs

Readily available in store in packs of 12 and frozen for your convenience

Steak Party Pies – Available in packs of 12

Sausage Rolls – Available in packs of 12 (Approx 4.5cm long)

Bacon Party Quiche – Available in packs of 12

Cheese & Spinach Rolls – Available in packs of 12 (Approx. 5cm long – sprinkled with grated parmesan cheese before baking)


In addition to our pies and cakes breakfast menu is available from 6am to 10.30am daily

Ned Kelly Pie – Steak mince baked with egg, bacon and cheese with a sprinkle of chives and coarse pepper.

Croissants – Plain or with jam and butter

Ham & Cheese Croissants – Our croissants can be popped in the oven for 4-5 minutes and served heated.

Raison Toast

Banana Bread – Toasted with Cinnamon Butter


Heatherbrae’s Pies are proud to serve Zentveld’s Coffee

Zentveld’s is the Australian coffee specialist, based on the family plantation in the hills behind Byron Bay. Since 1993 they have been dedicated to producing the finest, most complex Australian coffee blends for cafes, restaurants and retailers. Their focus on quality and good taste is reflected in being Australia’s most awarded coffee company in the national coffee competition – The Sydney Royal Fine Food Show – with over 22 medals for their 100% Australian coffee during the years entered.

Cappuccino  |  Latte  |  Piccolo Latte  |  Flat White  |  White Or Black Vienna  |  Mocha  |  Long Black  |  Macchiato  |  Espresso  |  Kiddie Chino

Earl Grey  |  English Breakfast  |  Green  |  Black  |  Peppermint  |  Chamomile  |  Lemon & Ginger

Hot Chocolate

Traditional Milkshakes
Chocolate  |  Caramel  |  Vanilla  |  Strawberry  |  Banana  |  Spearmint

Cold Drinks
Pepsi  |  Pepsi Max  |  Solo  |  Sunkist  |  Lemonade

  Fresh Orange Juice  |  Apple Juice

Flavoured Milk
Classic Flavoured Milk  |  Dare Flavoured Milk

Bottled Water



Add to your meal with one of our delicious sides

Mushy Peas

Mashed Potato


Small and large serves available

Garden salad
Lettuce, carrot, cheese (optional), mushroom, red & green capsicum, tomato, leeks with French dressing on the side

Greek Salad (Sutton Forest Only)
Iceberg lettuce, olives, fetta cheese and sundried tomatoes.

Haloumi and Pumpkin Salad (Sutton Forest Only)
Mixed lettuce, baked pumpkin and fried haloumi cheese.